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This volume hopes to act as a catalyst for some new and exciting areas of enquiry in the more "liminal" interstices of Irish Studies. Traveller Studies, Romani Studies and Diaspora and Migration Studies. These disciplines are all relatively new areas…

Describes the life of an Irish Traveller who has become a well-known painter in Limerick.

Pecker Dunne is one of Ireland's best-known traditional musicians and balladeers, and one of the last of the Traveller musicians.

A dictionary of Irish Travellers' hidden language.

Fairground Travellers, known also as Showpeople or Carnival people, are part of the larger Irish Traveller community. They are the entertainers in fairgrounds and carnivals, the people who work the booths and the rides. In the medieval era and for…

This volume is an attempt to give a voice to the voiceless, the hidden Irish, the migrant, the nomad, the 'new' Irish and the immigrant - those communities whose languages and cultures run - unnoticed sometimes - like the underground stream that…

A traditionally nomadic people, the Irish Travellers have experienced a long history of marginalization and discrimination in modern Ireland. This volume explores colonisation as an unresolved trauma which has contributed to this marginalisation of…

This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the nomad, the migrant and the outsider/"Other" within the frames of articulation that are the present-day flows of cultural diaspora and mass globalisation. Mass-media…

The recent past has witnessed the development of new and diverse notions of Irish identity, alongside changes in the way we articulate the long-established links between Ireland and the Irish, both at home and abroad. This volume focuses on the…

The writing of women's history has witnessed a huge increase in recent decades. In the past, the focus of some of this work was the representation of the "heroine" or the "grand dame". Recent theoretical writing, particularly as relating to…

This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the migrant and the "Other". Rapid developments as relating to the global flows of cultural diaspora have both overcome spatial/temporal distance and separation and have created…

Long considered as "outsiders" or "strangers" in their own country, the Travellers depicted in this book were essential agents in their own depiction; they were the drivers for these cultural representations of their own community. Paul Harrison's…

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10 week Tinsmithing course with James Collins in Collins Barracks museum of decorative arts DublinClick for more details

This watercolour is preparatory work for Clarke's stained glass masterpiece The Geneva Window, 1929, originally commissioned by the Irish Government to represent Ireland at the International Labour organisation in Geneva. The window unfortunately was…


16.8 x 9.2 x 8.7 cm

Presented by Mr and Mrs John Hunt, 1961.

Reg. 1113

Ink on paper

16.7 x 12.9 cm

Oil on canvas

65.4 x 52.1 cm

Oil on board

60 x 90 cm
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