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They were made from pure Chrome and not everyone one could make these types so they were very limited.

So its hand made and was given as a gift to Pavee Point. it was got in akle island in Co.Mayo

from the Elinor Wiltshire Collection in the National Library of Ireland. These photographs are unusual for Elinor Wiltshire in that the subjects ae largely posing for her camera. Ordinarily Elinor’s subjects were unaware they were being photographed.…

Hand sown from mixed materials

Made from mixed material.

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Outer relief road for Bandon constructed 1991, land on both sides intended for small industrial units. Since construction the road has been used by itinerants with up to 60 caravans parked at one time. The road also serves the Presentation Secondary…

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A gipsy camp in the Wicklow mountains 1930 – 1950
1 copy photographic negative film 10 x 12.5 cm

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Wagons parked on the Long Mile Road 1957
2 photographic negative : glass; 10 x 12cm

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Two Traveller families outside their caravan and outside their camp June 1963

This book traces a number of common themes relating to the representation of Irish Travellers in Irish popular tradition and how these themes have impacted on Ireland's collective imagination. A particular focus of the book is on the exploration of…

The Traveller "question" has been a major source of debate in Ireland for many decades and Irish society appears as divided on the issue today as it has been at any time in the past few centuries. For as long as Travellers have migrated along…

A unique collection of essays focusing of the Traveller voice, the Traveller perspective and the important light this sheds on Irish society.

Recent decades have seen an enormous resurgence in the arts of memoir and life writing. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of Ireland and other postcolonial countries, where memoir has functioned to regenerate and re-present meaningful…

The postcolonial experience, as explored by the authors of this volume, focuses on the complex set of cultural and ethnographic processes and strategies of resistance that are the diasporic or migrant Irish experience. As a minority inhabiting the…

This volume explores the discourses and representations that have circumvented the image that is the Traveller, the Roma (Gypsy) and migrant Other . It is generally acknowledged that the globalisation and mass-media dissemination which characterise…

This volume is an exploration of the image of the nomad, migrant and the outsider/“Other” Traveller/Gypsy, within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and visual culture. Its authors explore ‘European cinema’ as a category within the…

This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the nomad, the migrant and the outsider/"Other" within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and representational culture. Ongoing developments in visual culture,…

Of all of the world's countries, America is the one that we all think we know. World globalization and the dominance of English language and American idiom makes us secure in our knowledge of what the United States is and who her people are. This…
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