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This book traces a number of common themes relating to the representation of Irish Travellers in Irish popular tradition and how these themes have impacted on Ireland's collective imagination. A particular focus of the book is on the exploration of…

Two impudent itinerant ballad-singers, obtrude themselves into the presence of Erin, and interupt "her young man", who is singing the only song she cares to listen to. - The scamps are however speedily ejected.

1984 to 1994 folder of press cuttings

Accents Bras and Handbags (Excerpt from A Bird in the House God Bless Her).mp4
Alice Berry & Margaret Connors

Special Collection as part of the Irish Traditional Music Archives link to websiteor listen to selection on soundcloud here

18 tracks including
The Blackbird
The High Level Hornpipe
Long Time A Growing
Dick Daglan The Cobbler
The High Level Hornpipe
Dunphy's Hornpipe
Lovely Willy
The Munster Cloak
Na Connerys
Sligo Maid_Down The Broom
William Scanlan

Of all of the world's countries, America is the one that we all think we know. World globalization and the dominance of English language and American idiom makes us secure in our knowledge of what the United States is and who her people are. This…

Pen, ink and watercolour on paper

25.8 x 19 cm

The tinker and the fairy.

Article on Knuckles – 6 August 2011………………………………………….Page 1
“Being Kicked Around” – Voice of the Traveller, 30 May 2013…………….. Page 3
“Duty and Beauty” – Voice of the Traveller, August 2014………………….. Page 6
“My Ethnicity” - Irish Times, 25 September…

IMG_20180321_101244 (1).jpg
Hand made flowers from crepe paper

Hand sown Pocket mixed fabrics and different colour mixed type buttons.

Blessings and Overlooking (Excerpt from A Bird in the House God Bless Her).mp4
Bridget O Brien & Nelly O Brien Louise McDonagh & Ann Marie Connors

Two items within Na Piobairi Uillean collection, a brass chanter and a stock made by Johnny Doran. The stock has his name inscribed in it.

A dictionary of Irish Travellers' hidden language.
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