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19 original portraits of staff employed in the Ordnance Survey between 1907 and 1920.

The tinker and the fairy.

This volume hopes to act as a catalyst for some new and exciting areas of enquiry in the more "liminal" interstices of Irish Studies. Traveller Studies, Romani Studies and Diaspora and Migration Studies. These disciplines are all relatively new areas…

A unique collection of essays focusing of the Traveller voice, the Traveller perspective and the important light this sheds on Irish society.

1 Air: Mary of Murroe / Reel: The Green Gates
2 Air: The Dear Irish Boy / Reel: The Primrose Lass
3 Reel: Rakish Paddy
4 Air: Rolandstown Churchyard
5 Reel: The Ash Plant
6 Jig: The Lark in the Morning
7 The Fox Hunt
8 Reels: George White’s…

Wooden Box with painted designs

Watercolour on paper

22.8 x 35.5 cm

This watercolour is preparatory work for Clarke's stained glass masterpiece The Geneva Window, 1929, originally commissioned by the Irish Government to represent Ireland at the International Labour organisation in Geneva. The window unfortunately was…

watercolour on paper

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Wagons parked on the Long Mile Road 1957
2 photographic negative : glass; 10 x 12cm

Made from mixed material.
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