Volume 18


Volume 18





Editor's Note

Rogers, W.R. Ireland In Colour - photographs 18.4

? The Invisible Tinker

Betts, Paul Scottish Tinkers, born losers

Chamley, Bob A Tinker woman or traveller

19 Jan Gaffuey, Mary "I’m Not Ashamed Of What I Am"

5 Oct ? Where they want to go on Trial

April A week in the life of a traveller 18.15a

9 June ? . Blueprint to house Galway City's itinerants in transitional village 18.16

27 July ? Itinerant camps protest 18.17

27 Sept Finlan, Michael Itinerants told to leave council houses today 18.16

30 Sept O'Rourke, Felim Itinerant families could double in 20 years - lecturer

4 Nov Finlan, Michael Picket on home of Galway itinerant family is removed

Finlan, Michael Itinerants, with dignity, tell the city of Galway: 'We are h11man too.'

Mayor raps Council on housing of itinerants

Galway itinerant housing dispute

Council action against itinerant matters

7 May Wren, Maev Ann
O'Connell Bridge children are part of bigger problem 18.1

Wiedei A. & O'Fearadhaigh, M Review of Irish Tinkers

8 May Wren, Maev Ann Somebody else's problem

22 May Murray, Paul All itinerants desire acceptance, says study

2 Sept Nolan, Patrick Waifs said to be collecting £5 an hour

4 Oct McGlynn, A.F. On The Streets of Dublin (photographs)

24 Nov ? Ennis Travellers win Roadstone Cup with great performance

? Hills, Ann The beggars under the bridges of Dublin

? Fallon, Peter & Golden, Sean "Fine Horses & Fine Leaping"

Keane, John & O'Keefe, Aidan Is This The Worst Slum In Europe?

O'Brien, Eileen 'If they try to shift us there will be war' 18.49

5 May ? Help travellers, authorities told 18.51

Finlan, Michael Search for itinerant site 18.51

14 July Murray, Paul Non-persons 18.52

Murray, Paul Moving on down the road 18.53

17 July Murray, Paul A people set apart 18.55

18 July Murray, Paul Minority problem 18.56

25 July ? Night battle of itinerant gangs 18.58

16 July ? • Itinerant ruling appealed 18.59

4 Aug ? FG man's bid for ban on itinerants 18.62

6 Aug Finlan, Michael Travellers face ban for Ballinasloe fair 18.59

16 Aug ? Itinerant mob lays siege to surgery 18.60

7 Sept Boyne, Sean 'We'll Not Be Back' Vows Fire-Bombed Mother 18.61

17 Sept McCormick, Tim The residents ofRathmines and the travellers' children 18.62

29 Oct ? Mother of four jailed for buying stolen watch 18.63

Harris, Anne My night with the O'Connor family: itinerants 18.64

13 Feb? Itinerants Ordered to Quit Site 18.66

26 Harney, Mary (TD) 'More than enough' 18.67

Close, Brian A View of the Irish (extract) 18.68

? Murphy, Dervla & Klaus, Franke 'Ireland' (photographs) 18.69

? Douglas, Sheila The King of the Black Art (PhD abstract) Scotland 18.71

1 June County Ed. Officer The Education of Traveller Children in Hertfordshire 18.72

Oct Traveller Working Party (Scotland) Moray House Memorandum 18.80

Assessing the needs of Traveller children

? Slattery's travel agency Horse Drawn Caravans in Co. Kerry

22 May Leigh, Jack Modern gypsies an invisible minority 18.92

28 May T.I.U. Mailing No. 27 - Articles on Situation in Northern Ireland/Ireland 18.94

July Ross, Michael Off The Road 18.100

17 April NICTP How many Travellers' sites do we need in 1991? 18.113

Summer European Centre For Travellers And Nomads 18.114

? National Federation Of Irish Travelling People 18.121

The N.Y. Times Gypsies Most Discriminated Against Ethnic Population in America 18.123

30 Jan Murphy, Cohn Cllrs' secret meeting on halting sites 18.125

Travellers report demands site action 18.125

Jan McPhee, Susan, Travellers - still a long way to go 18.127

An Irishman's Diary 18.124

Child stowaways turn up again - on luxury liner 18.129

Returning stowaway runs away from confused social worker 18.129

Welfare Rights Information service at Clonda1kin 18.130

Antigypsyism in Europe: Three 1991 Polls 18.131

28 April Walker, Gail Travellers move on 18.132

11 Sept Browne, Maureen Travellers facing medical apartheid 18.133

27 Sept ? English, Bernie Travellers meet the President and call for halt sites 18.135

O'Morain, Padraig Dun Laoghaire has worst record in providing traveller accommodation 18.136

Mc Tieman, Anthea Travellers told of right to housing 18.136

12 Oct Hegarty, Trish Church urged to admit and fight its own racism 18.137

12 Oct ? Traveller bias 'unfair' 18.138

12 Oct ? • Brennan warns on rights of travellers 18.138

18 Oct Murphy, Cleo Kingdom Women 18.139

11 Oct Church of the Transfiguration ( Clondalkin) Mass Leaflet 18.167

11 Oct Travellers (named) Travellers and the Roads Bill 18.169

24 Oct China and back 18.169

24 Oct Finn, Austin Me and my guitar (photograph) 18.170

Oct Jumble Collection 18.171


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