Volume 13 part d


Volume 13 part d


Republic of Ireland 1940's - 1993



Editor’s note 13D1

MacGill, Patrick ‘Lanty 0 Hanlon • • • • (extract) 13D2

Saunders, redand Shelton, Syd ‘Ireland : a week in the life of a Nation (extract) 13D14

Eire raises marriage age to 18 (1987) 13D16
ni Shuinear, Sinead (1988) What Is Traveller Culture, Anyway? 13D17
Rigal, Jocelyne (1989) Some Issues Concerning the Integration of Irish Travellers 13D22
O'Morain, Padraig (October 1989) A Community Laundry with a difference 13D27
Holmquest, Kathryn (December 1989) Babies' deaths underline travellers' plight. 13D29
Cummins, Mary (December 1989) Decades of refusing to face .up to a solution 13D32
Ditto. A girl has to be the stronger .. 13D34
Ditto. Prejudice prevalent at all levels of society. 13D36
Ditto. ' A new approach to caring for the victims. 13D37
Ditto. Facts and Figures .. • • 13D38
Ditto. It is just like a shanty town .. 13D40

' 1980 s - Continued
Cummins, Mary (December 1989) The pain and rejectionof a Traveller growing up 13D41
Ditto. They should be told they have responsibilities 13D44
Ditto. A culture that is under assault and in crisis 13D46
Clarecare Travellers (extract) 13D47

Ross, Michael Off the road 13D49

ni Shuinear, Sinead An overview of the Historical Linguistic and Ethnographical evidence on the Origins of the Irish Travellers 13D63

Halting site row erupts in • Kilnamanagh 13D89
Listen without prejudice 13D91
Council plans to re-locate Travellers 13D92
Travellers ' site agreement 13D92
Ryan, Gregg Garda warning as conmen target elderly 13D93
Healy, Tim Anger at dumping travellers' circular 13D94
Ditto. Circular on travellers is condemned 13D94
MacEoin, Aoife Fury over letter on travellers .. 13D95
Dublin County Council Letter re Clondalkin Travellers site 13D96

Volume 3 No.2 June 1992 13D97
Volume 3 ·No.3 October 1992 13D105
Volume 3 No.4 December 1992 13D113
Volume 4 No.1 Easter 1993 13D102 a- h

DTEDG 18 January
1. Traveller Ways, Traveller Words 13D121
2. President Robinson Awards for the Design of Traveller Accommodation

Into The West with the Irish film industry 21st January 13D123
Thornton, Chris 22nd January Horse sents 13D124
Lifeline on the way for t.ravelling· families 25th January 13D123a
DTEDG 6th February Forum on Travellers • • • • 13D126
Healy, Tim 9th February Report hits at'lazy and irresponsible itinerants'.13D123b
Dublin C.C. 27th March Report on Programme of Accommodation For Travelling People 13D128
Harmony Report March 1990 Racial Discrimination. in Ireland (extract) 13D137
WUS (Ireland) 1990 Women and Development (extract) • • 13D137
PACTT March 1993 DO YOU KNOW US AT ALL? • • • • 13D138
McGrath, Colm ' October 92 Allocation of Houses to Travelling People 13D140
Power, Pauline 1993 Bigotry and racism today ... 13D142
Cowley, Martin 13 February 1993 ' Scenes of grief at couple s funeral 13D143
McDonald, Henry 18 February 1993 Mother vows: ' We re staying • • 13D145
I.T.M. 27 February 1993 Regional Workshop . . . • • 13D147
ni Shuinear, Sinead European Gypsies and Travellers 13D151
Paper read at Conference in Florence Autumn 1992


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