Volume 13 part A


Volume 13 part A


Republic of Ireland 1982 - 85



Editor’s note
Pre 1982
Irish Traveller (1981) “Roadside dealers" 13.5

Kent, Linda L (1980) "Four Sketches of the Itinerant"

Kent, Linda L (1981) "The Irish Travellers: From Problems to Resource" 13.15

Prince, Andrew (1981) "Two Travelling Mushes Have a Barney"

Sholdice,Joyce (1981) "Travelling People and the Law" 13.19

Bartosz, Adam "Program Osiedlania Ludnosci Wedrownej W Irlandii 13.24

Boylan, Catharine "Travelling People" 13.25

Conaghan, Michael "Awareness of Drugs" 13.28

McConnell, Cormac"Itinerant to be Priest" 13.29

Murray, Paul "Well Worth it - Mrs. Joyce" 13.41a

Sholdice, Joyce “The Accommodation Programme" 13.30

Power, Bairbre "Help to end the years of misery" 13.37

"Itinerant Nan seeks votes" 13.36

Walsh, Jimmy "Nan Joyce Happy with 580 votes• 13.41a

"Traveller Stands for Dail Eireann" 13.41

"Vote No. 1 Ann Joyce" 13.38

“It's Car-Crazy" 13.42

"Councillors Lashed on Traveller Plight" 13.43

"Paramilitary take-over by itinerant bullies" 13.

"Man Pleads Guilty to Killing" 13.28

''Agreement on site for itinerants" 13.29

“Give Itinerants a chance”

Dublin Corporation "Housing the Travellers" 13.45

McCormack, Micheline “Shame” 13.79

National Council for Travelling People "About our Travelling People" 13.47

0' Donnell, Sean "Settling the Travelling People" 13.55

O'Molloy, J.J. "Travellers and the stench of our intolerance" 13.58

Petley, Eleanor "In Dublin's Fair City" 13.60

"Ireland's apartheid problem" 13.63

"Report of the Travelling People Review Body" 13.65

"Principal recommendations of the Report” 13.71

“Travellers” 13.75

Pavey - first issue April 1983 13.77

Pavey - second issue May 1983 13.85

Collins, Liam "Itinerants in Surburbia Plans" 13.93

Cummins, Mary "Sit-in protest at council ofices"· 13.95

Cummins, Mary "Bewley urged to quit Traveller's council" 13.96

Curley, Desmond with Boyle, Kevin and Kelly, Mary Charter of Travellers' Rights 13.97

Department of the Environment "Government Policy In Relation To Travelling People" 13.117

Duddy, John "A Guide to Travellers' Rights" 13.133

Ennis Mervyn ''Countdown to Genocide" 13.136

Higgins, Michael D. "Ireland's Third World” 13.141

Keane John ''Easy Come!" 13.143

Kennedy, Maev "Travellers march for civil rights" 13.145

Kilfeather, Frank "Major social problem that refuses to go away” 13.147

Kilfeather, Frank "Settled community has a lot to learn" 13.152

Kilfeather, Frank "Give them the benefit of the doubt" 13.156

Lynch, Sharon "Objections to official halting sites" 13.160

McGreavey, Anthony "Do-gooders and itinerants" 13. 162

O'Kane, Maggie "We are not band aids patching up society" 13.161

O'Reilly, Emily "Sister Stanislaus - The Poverty Nun" 13.163

Walshe, John "Beggars don't need the money" 13.165

Walshe , John "Setting out to improve the lot of the Travellers” 13.166

Report of the Government Task Force on the Review Body Report on Travelling People 13.167

"Everyone wants them settled - elsewhere" 13.155

“Tullagh in Turmoil" 13.191

"Council Moves To Divert Galway's Mini Tallagh" 13.159

"United We Stand" 13.159

"Greetings from the Navan Travellers" 13.194

Breslin, Ann "Are Religious People Prejudiced"

Cummins, Mary, Davie, Micahel "Into the dark half of the year"

"Vicious Circle of hostility snares the 'Travellers” 13.198 - 202

Donoghue, Mary & Joyce , Nan • "Travellers have no land in their own land" 13.202

"Travellers Ireland's Third world forgotten people"

O'Brien, Eileen "An Irish womans Diary" 13.204

Kennelly, Jerry "Gardai to Investigate Heavy Gang" 13.212

Raymond, Patricia "Travelling people and the law" 13.205

L'Amie, Aileen "A Dublin Eviction in the 1980s" 13.208

"Heavy Dog Act" 13.211

"Interference by Government Delays Halting Sites" 13.216

"Calling Cards" 13.216

"Clondalkin 1985" 13.217

"Horse Caravan Holidays in Wicklow” 13.218

"Tourists and Travellers11 13. 220

Minceir Staimeir 13.221

"Navan Travellers Work Shops" 13.235

"Navan Travellers' Summer Project” 13.236

Manchester and Salford Film Society "Les Princes" 13. 24 7

"Travellers conference told of progress" 13.248

"Traveller house row claims denied” 13.250

"Judge says itinerant site needed" 13.251

''Travellers Mission 1985'' 13.252

"Sheffield Gypsy Support Group" 13.265


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