Volume 11 part A


Volume 11 part A




Table of Contents

1 . Introduction. 11A1

2. Editor's note. 11A3

3. 1964 Maternal Mortality Committee (IMA)
Report 11A4

4. 1965
Fraser, Angus M ''The Tinkeis of Ireland'' (extract) 11A8

Case, W H "Problem Solved " (letter) .

O'Farrell, B M Itinerant Aid

Farrington, Conor & Farrington, Meryl
Death in the camp (letter) 11A9

Editorial Fellow citizens 11A10

6. 1969
Sholdice, Joyce "What are we waiting for, A n Itinerant Child to die?

7. 1974
McNicholl B, Carroll, L, Underhill, D & Coll, T.
Retarded Brain Growth in Irish Itrinerants 11A12

8. 1975
Creedon, Therese, Corboy, Alice & Kevany, John
Growth and development in Travelling families 11A16

"Health Hazard Sites Anger Belfast Families".

9. 1978
Buckle, Joanna "Working with Traveller Families". 11A21

10. 1980 11A22
Bach, Michael "Community Health for Gypsies and Other Travellers"

Leicester Health Education Unit
"Health Care of Gypsies and Other Travellers" -
Part 1 - 11A31
Part 2 11A32

"Lifestyle of Travelling Folk Comes Under the Microscope" 11A62

"Gypsies Take Over 'Playground' - Claim" 11A62

11. 1981
Maguire, G. Keough, F. O'Hanlon, G. and Wall, M.
"An Outline of Services to Travelling People and Proposals for Their Improvement" - Extract. 11A60

Mulholland, Neil "Nightclub Chiefs Hit Out at Itinerants" 11A61

"Health Risk at Itinerant Camp" 11A115

12. 1982
Ward, Rae "Coeliac Disease in Children and Adults" 11A63

Blanks, Kevin "The Health of Travelling Children" 11A66

Kent Community Council "Gypsy Policy" 11A87
"Illness Fear over Itinerant Camp" 11A95

Sirockin, Geof "Lagan's State Worse than the Rhine" 11A96

"Danger of Disease at Itinerant Camp" 11A97

"Objections to Proposed Settlement Site" 11A98

13. 1983
Lawrie, Brenda
"The Travelling Families in East Adapting Health Visiting Methods Minority Group" 11A99

"Border Dual Dole Fiddle is Probed" 11A95

"State of Camp for Itinerant Families Attacked" 11A102

"Warning of Health Problems at Itinerant Site" 11A103

14. 1984
Kent Chief Housing Officers
"Gypsy Caravan Sites in Kent" 11A104

"Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt" 11A114

15. 1985
Medico-Social Research Board Annual Report (extract) 11A116

16. 1986
Flynn, Michael "Mortality, Morbidity and Marital Features of Travellers in the Irish Midlands". 11A118

Raper, Mavis "Travelling Families in Northumberland". 11A121

Viney, Tony & Dermody, Gerald "Beyond the Pale". 11A123

1 7 . 1987
Viney, Tony & Dermody, Gerald "Fellow Travellers" (letter) 11A126

Howes, Sr. Monica
Acquiring Birth and Baptismal Certificates for Travellers. 11A127

Travelling Right - Help for Traveller Families 11A128

Sadler, Catharine "Travelling Right". 11A129

Crout, Elizabeth "Trailer Bound". 11A130

Morris, Margaret "Stopped in Their Tracks". 11A134

Thompson, June "Providing Care for Travellers". 11A137

Widness, Belita "One Year Working with the Travellers". 11A138

Mccann, Veronica ''Health Education for a Traveller Community". 11A141

"Travelling People". 11A144
"National Network". 11A144
"Itinerant Care". 11A144

Travellers Video Project STOPPING IN LONDON 11A145

.SCF "Travelling Families and their Children". 11A147

Health Education Council
"Communication Skills for Environmental Health Practice". 11A151

Ormandy, David
"Comments on caravans and Fire Precautions, Fire Fighting Equipment and Means of Escape in Case of Fire" 11A153

Ormandy, David "Comments on Heat Loss from Caravans" 11A161

18. 1988
Travellers and Benefits Working Party
"Extra Money for Travellers" 11A163

"Extra Money for Travellers on Supplementary Benefit" 11A164

Claim Form 11A166

"Seven boys snatched by gipsies" 11A170


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