Volume 10


Volume 10


Volume 1 O is an index to the resource collection as of August 1993. The collection has been compiled over a period of twelve years and to date contains a total of almost 10,000 pages in sixteen volumes. Many of the volumes have several parts, Part A, B, C .... and the Volume 1 O index provides a brief outline of the nature and arrangement of their contents. Page numbering for the index follows the usual pattern, volume number followed by page number, so that 10.16 refers to Volume 1 O page 16. An introduction to each volume has been contributed by an eminent authority in that particular area and a foreword to the entire collection has been written by Victor Bewley of Dublin. Acknowledgement has been made with each article etc. to the author(s) or publisher(s) whose permission was freely given to include their material in . the collection. The collection will continue to expand as material becomes available. Unless there is sufficient of such material in a subject area to warrant. an individual volume all new material will be bound as further parts of Volume 15 (Miscellaneous). The collection of photographs, slides and tapes will be indexed separately and assembled to provide a teaching kit(s) on Irish Travellers suitable for both school and adult use.


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