Volume 8 Education Part B


Volume 8 Education Part B




Chapter 1
The Irish Travelling people as an ethnic group; their origin and an
appraisal of their present day existence. 2

Chapter 2
A review of the growing realisation
of the need for Traveller education and a critque of the provisions in
existence to achieve this. 12

Chapter 3
The practial realities of educating Travellers' children -a case studyof St. Paul's Primary School, Belfast. 23

Chapter 4 35
The education of Trevellerst children in the Newry area.

Chapter 5 43
The education of Travellers' children in the Coalisland Area.

Chapter 6 55
A comparision end evaluation of the provisions for the education of Travellers' childr~n in the Belfast, Newry and Coalisland areas.

Conculsions 64

Appendicies I -XIII 66

Bibliography 110
Bibliogranhy 110


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