Volume 8 Education Part A


Volume 8 Education Part A



Introduction by Sr. Colette Dwyer 8Al

2. Editor's Note

3 Clifford, Sigerson (1954)
"Ballad of the Tinker's Son" (extract) 8A8

4. Bunreacht Na hEireann (extract) (1937)

5 "Caravan School" (January 1967) 8AlO

6. "Itinerant Pleads For His Children" (July 1967)

7. Puxon, Grattan and Puxon, Venice (1967) The Victim~ (extract)

8. Adams, B and Smith, Do (1967) 8A14
"Gypsies and Educ~tion" (extract from The Plowden Report)

9 O'Grady, Gerard (March 1969)"Helping 40 years ago" 8A18

10. "Two Rahoon Housewives Plan Itinerant Nursery" (May 1969)

11. Sholdice, Joyce (September 1970)
"Itinerants and AnCo Training" 8A19

12 "School for Itinerants" (May/June 1970) 8A20

13. Heney, Michael (October 1970)
"Itinerants At School"

14. Department of Education (Republic of Ireland) (1970) 8A24
"The Provision of Educational Facilities for the Children of Itinerants"

15 Gentlemen, Hugh and SWift, Susan (1971)
Scotland's Travelling People (extracts) 8A34

16. Duiseacht (October 1972) "Education Special" 8A40

17 "Split looms over itinerant education" ((October 1972) 8A44

18 Dwyer, Sr. Colette (1974) "Report on ATTP 1972-73" 8A46

19. Connors, Paddy and Doran, John (1973) "Conversations"8A52

20 Kerswell, Bill (1973) "What the People want" 8A54.

21 Beresford-Webb, C and Morgan, D (1974) Gypsies in the West Midlands 1974 (extract) 8A55

22 Acton, Thomas and Connors, Michael (1974) 8A57
Notes on Mike's Book and Have you seen the feen's gread nyocked?

23 Anonymous (c. 1974) "Ireland" 8A58

24Turner, Andyand Tame, Nigel (July 1975)
"Observations on Traveller Education in Dublin" 8A60

25. Stokes, Nial (July 1975) "Breaking all the conventions" 8A70

26 "What an Education they get" (January 1976) 8A74

27 Gypsy Education in the West Midlands (extracts)(1976) BA76

28 "Fairgreen Training Centre, Galway" (1977) -report 8A56

29 Gmelch, George (1977) 8A81
The Irish Tinkers: Urbanization of an Itinerant People (extracts)

30 Kearns, Kevin C. (1978)
Traveller children in Dublin (photographs) 8A84

31. H.M.S.O. (July 1977) 8A83
Education in Schools: A Consultative Document (extract)

32 Puxon, Grattan (1977) 8A82
Letter published in Traveller Education, Vol. 10 re -article by
Turner and Tame (see item 24)

33 . Murphy, Richard (1979) "The Reading Lesson" 8A86

34 Acton, Thomas and Davies , Gerwyn (1979) BAB7 "Educational policy and Language Use Among English Romanies
and Irish Travellers (Tinkers) in England and Wales"

35. Author unknown (1970's) "The Itinerant and Reading" 8A97

36 Dwyer, Sr. Colette (1980) 8A97
"'The Problems Facing Travelling Children in their Struggle to
Acquire Education"

37. Raj, Dorai p, (1980). 8A115
"Some Thoughts on: Education and the Children of Travelling People II

38 Nolan, Ethna (1981)
Letter to Editor of The Irish Psychologist 8A116

39 "Itinerant girl wins award" (c. 1980'5)

40 Binns, Dennis (1982)
"The Education of Irish Travelling Children in England" 8A117

41. John (February 1983) "New Roads"Walsh , 8A121

42. O'Flynn, Nial (May 1983) "A day at school' 8A122

43. INTO (Tallagh Branch) (1983-84)
"The Education of Travellers' Children "

44. Considine, June (March 1984)
"It's A Time Of Transition For The Travelling Youth" 8A133

45. Murphy, Christina (April 1984)
"Teaching children with no childhood" 8A135

46. Murphy, Christina (1984)
"Getting the Travelling Children to School" 8A139

47. Gray, Sandra (1985)
"Pre-School Education for Travellers" 8A141

48. ATrP (1985;) "Consti tution " 8A171

49. ATTP (1986) List of Newsletter issues 8A174

50. Parsons, Nuala (April1985)
"Easter.'. and the urge to join the Travelling Folk" 8A175

51. (1986) "Education" BA177

52. Monitoring Committee (1986) "summary of Report" 8A189

53 Sheehan, Michael (1986)
"A Select Bibliography of Traveller Education" 8A193


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