Volume 7 Folktales and Folk Music


Volume 7 Folktales and Folk Music



1. Introduction

2. Editor's Note 7.8

3 Carroll Jim (1975) "Irish Travellers Around London"

4 L'Amie, Aileen (1981)
"Folktales of the Travelling People: a short list of titles and sources"

5. L'Amie, Aileen (1981)
"The Legend or Tradition of the Nails of the Cross"

6 -MacGreine, Padraig (1932)
"Further Notes on Tinkers' Cant" (extract pp 294-303)

7 MacRitchie, David (1899) 7.21
"She1ta the Caird's Language" (extract pp 14-18, Two She1ta Stories)

8 Maher, Sean (1972) "The Road to God Knows Where"
(extracts pp 146-9)

9. Munne11y, Tom (1975) "The Singing Traditions of Irish Travellers"

10. Tucker, A Christopher (1976) '.Scottish Gypsies"

11. Resources held by the Department of Irish Folklore, University College, Dublin

12. A Lost Folktale?

13. Recordings of Traveller Songs and Music

14. Bibliography of books devoted to, or containing some, Travellers' songs 7.48

15. Riddles, Wishes and Proverbs


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