Volume 6 Shelta Part C


Volume 6 Shelta Part C



Editor's Note 6Cl

55Maher, Sean (1972)
"The Road to God Knows Where" (extract)

56 Meyer, Kuno (1891)
"On the Irish Origin and Age of Shelta"

57 Meyer, Kuno (1909)
"The Secret Languages of Ireland"

58 Moran, Mary (1980)
"The Sooblick Not Bogged by the Shades" 6A38

59 Norwood, T W (1887) "Tramps'Language"

60 O'Brien, MA (1938) 6C14
Review of R A Stewart MacAlister's "The Secret Languages of Ireland"

61 Foster, Idris L (1937)
"Obscure and Mystical Languages'

62 O'Mathghamhna, Domhna11 (1932)
"Bearlager Na Saor" (plus translation)

63 Poh1e, Robert (1977)
"John Sampson and the Tinkers"

64 Ranking, D F d l'Hoste (1915) "Shelta" 6C28

65 Romano Rai (1909) "Irish Tinkers -Their Language'

66 Russell, Alex (1914) "Scoto-Romani and Tinklers Cant" 6C30

67 Sampson, John (1890) "Tinkers and their Talk"

68 sampson, John (1908) "A Hundred Shelta Sayings" 6C74

69 Sampson, John (1893) "Shelta or Shelru"

70 Seons, Tomas (1865) "Bearlagair Na Saor"

71 Savage, Ernest B see Bathgate, H J Hill

72 ni Shuinear, Sinead (1979 revised 1984)
"Commentary on MacAlister's 'The Secret Languages of Ireland'"

73 ni Shuinear, Sinead (1984)
"MacAlister Debunked. The Case for Critical Assessment of MacAlister's Assertions re the Origins of the Shelta Language and of its Speakers, the Irish Travellers" 6CIIO

74 Simson, Walter (1865) "A History of the Gypsies" (extracts) 6Cl13

75 Sinc1air, AT (1909)
"The Secret Language of Masons and Tinkers" 6Cll5

76 Spencer Lewis (1909) .Shelta Thari' 6C121

77 The editor JGLS (1980)
"Additional Notes on the Irish Tinkers and their Language" 6C122.

78 Thurneysen, R (1886) "Du Lanquage Secret Dit Ogham" 6C123

79 Whyte, Betsy (1979)
"The Yellow on the Broom" (extract) 6C126

80 Wilson, Alick G (1889 "Shelta" -The Tinkers' Talk) 6C131

81 John Sampson 1862-1931 6C132

82 References to Shelta 6C132

83 A Shelta Vocabulary 6C134

84 The Complexity of Shelta 6C135

85 O'Toole, Backman (1973)
Electra "An Analysis of the Life Style of ) the Travelling People of Ireland" (extract) 6C136

86 Kenrick, Donald "How old are the Irish Travellers" 6C137


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