Volume 3 Part D, Part E, Part F
Northern Ireland DownPatrick 1984 - 87


Volume 3 Part D, Part E, Part F
Northern Ireland DownPatrick 1984 - 87


Table of Contents

1. Editor's note 3D12

2 L'Amie, Aileen (1987) 'The Travellers in Downpatrick'

3 1984
"Gypsies ordered to leave carpark"

"Scuffles during eviction attempt"
"Tempers 'flare in operation eviction"

"Future of gypsy camp still unclear"

"We wont budge, vow eviction threat people"


"Gypsi-es cause trouble again "
"Gypsies scaring investment away"

"IDB to consider how to tackle gypsy problem" 3D12

"Travellers in fury at plan to close site" 3D12

"The 'official' itinerant camp" 3D12

"Shedding a little light" 3D12


"OUT! Gypsi.es to get the boot from
Downpatrick" 3D13

"New 'move the gypsies' call" 3D14

Gypsy camp fury grows""Move out! 3D15

"More gypsies arrive in Downpatrick" 3D15

"Gypsy Exodu-s! " 3D16

"Camp is. a direct challenge to
authorities -Blaney" 3D16

"McGrady calls for meeting" 3D17

"Politicians feud over itinerants"



"Private firm to evict gypsy camp"

"Get them out!"

"Downpatrick's gypsies -a short troubled history"

IDB seeks solution

"Department has borne the brunt of the criticism"

"Take the kid gloves off"


"police alert at gypsy site clean-up" 3D25
"Itinerant camping"


"Council rumbles on as one Vote sets up meeting"

"The other side of the story"

"Warning over itinerants"

"Gypsies -the net closes"

"Eviction is a necessary consequence"

"Gypsies get high noon ultimatum'.

"Sinn Fein condemns plans toevict gypsies from site"

"New tenants group set up to combat gypsy camp plans"

"Itinerants are evicted from Murlough car park" 31D37

"Council closer to gypsy camp site" 3D39


"Top health boss enters gypsy row with damning list"

"Flood gat.es threat warn new group"

"Action sought on scrap car problem at Flying Horse"

"Council offices picketed as anger mounts over gypsies"

"Legal action may have little effect"

"Itinerant families in silent protest"

"Bid to sidestep the itinerant problem"

"Cheeky Baths"

"Itinerants protest against eviction bid"


"Crunch day for the itinerants" 3D44

"Tenants group step up the pressure for removal of gypsy caravans"

"Round one of court battle to the gypsies"

"Tenants picket DoE over gypsy problem" 3D54


"Motorist lashed out after chase"

"Gypsy (17) fined for motoring offences"

"Gypsies to appear in court in two weeks"

"Site secrecy leads to big rift

"Meeting that achieved nothing for anyone " 3D58

"Eviction puts travellers on the warpath"

"Downpatrick gypsies offered Temporary site at Tullymurry"

Gypsies on the move" 3D61"

"Itinerants keep out"

"Travelling People Picket Council Offices"

"DoE back Clough site"

"The Travelling people debate"

"Gypsy invasion" 3D69

"Silence on Travellers condemned"

"End this ugly mess"

"Travellers denied sites"

"The Traveiling People Saga "

"Enough of this buckpassing" 3D76

"The REAL story behind caravan arson attack" 3D77

"Currants attack"

"Court move fails"

"12 Hours of Drama"

"Council Chairman Threatened"

"Irish Street negotiations successful"

"clough and Seaford Residents"

"st. Dymphna's tenants rejoice as camp moves" 3D81

"Gypsies council condemns attacks"

"SF welcomes a temporary site"

"NOT HERE! say residents of Struell" 3D82

"NOT HERE! say residents of Strangford Road" 3D83

"Stop serving gypsies -plea"

"A once beautiful piece of Downpatrick"

"NOT HERE! say residents of Tullymurray"
"The Latest Developments"

"Mounting Anger As Gypsies Move Camp"


"Court orders itinerants out of carpark and picnic area"

"High court orders gypsies to move'

"Unionists break boycott for gypsy debate" 3D90

"Battle lines drawn"

"Local Traders back the Recorder"

"War of Words" 3D93

Keenan, Francis "Reply to Down Recorder" 3D94

Noonan, Paul "Reply to Down Recorder"

"Clean up begins as gypsies move out" 3D96

Campbell, Mary
"Racism against travelling people must be stopped" 3D97

Weldon, Anthony
"Treat these dissidents with some humanity' 3D97

"Gypsies cleared of theft from Down CouncilOffices" 3D98

"Clough itinerant site refused" 3D99

"CoUncillor in bid to oust Down's itinerants"

"Down paper faces Press group probe"

"Travellers fined for illegal camping" 3D1OO

Craig, Olga "Victims of Hate"

"Travelling People" 3DlO2

"The Travelling People Saga" 3DlO3

"Heated exchanges as Unionists leave" 3DlO4

"Down District Council votes" 3DlO5

"Unionists round on SDLP after vote" 3DlO6

"We're living in a death trap, say itinerants"

"Search to go on for a gipsy site"

"Creeghduff rejected" 3DlOB

"Councillors' Statement On Gipsy Sites" 3DlO8

"Travellers evicted in Downpatrick" 3DlO9


"All sides united against travellers" 3Dl13

"Nazi tactics used against travellers" 3Dl15

"Minister says site is suitable for council dump"
"Itinerant fined £100 for punching health inspector"

"Three month sentence for dole diddle itinerant"

"Gypsy health probe"

"Committee set up to probe gypsy problem"

"DoE is dragging its heels claims Ritchie"


"Bid to shift gypsies"

"Gypsy fined for dishonesty"

"A tale of a traveller"

"72 Hours T.o Leave"

"Aftermath 'of the gypsies"


"The Travelling people Saga" 3D127

"10 caravan site latest proposal from councillors" 3D128

"TV probe" 3D129

"Search for gypsy camp site may be stepped up" 3D129

"Itinerants not wanted on Struell Wells site" 3D130

"Travellers slam council" 3D130

"Is Ardglass the new site for gypsies?" 3D131

"Action committee to be formed" 3D132

"Travellers site search sidetracked" 3D133

"Itinerant cases are adjourned" 3D133

"Eviction for travellers"November 3D134

"Rape Hunt Drama As R.U.C. Swoop" 3D135

"14-year-olds accused of Downpatrick rape" 3D139

"Rape charge youths are in court" 3D137

"Local itinerant is refused bail by RM" 3D137


"Deceitful itinerant gets 12 months" 3D138

"RM seeks assurance in rape case" 3D139

"The year changes but nothing else" 3D141
of the travellers"

"Who said what about the Gypsies in a troubled year" 3D142

January 1987

"Editor blasts NUJ for fine after gipsy slur" 3D143


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Northern Ireland DownPatrick 1984 - 87,” TravellerCollection.ie, accessed November 21, 2019, https://travellercollection.omeka.net/items/show/176.

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