Volume 3 Northern Ireland Part B


Volume 3 Northern Ireland Part B


Table of Contents

Editor's Note 3B1

1956 Itinerants 3Bla

1956 Control of Gipsies 3Bla

1956 Unionists call for curb on gipsies

1970 Move to End the Tinker Problem

1974 Itinerant row rages in Lurgan

1966 Family Heirlooms Burned

1982 Danger of disease at itinerant camp

1982 Objections to proposed settlement site
1983 Intolerant conditions at encampment -Councillor

1983 Conditions at itinerant camp -intolerable

1983 Warning of health problems at itinerant site

1983 Council opts for Rough Island home for itinerants but.

1983 Will rates go up again for development of Rough Island?

1983 Camp site row still in the balance

1982 OPPOSED to camp site for itinerants 3B15

1982 No to gypsies

1982 Itinerants move back to Craigavon

1982 Itinerants converge on Ardowen

1980 Lifestyle of travelling folk comes under the microscope

1980 New drive to help Ulster itinerants

1978 'Clean up this land' demand to Bishop

1980 Gipsies take over playground -claim

1981 Health Hazard Sites Anger Belfast Families

1981 Health risk at itinerant camp

1980 New Deal for ulster Itinerants

1981 A £100,000 handout? No thanks, say council
Foul Flows the Lagan

1982 Travellers at Balfour Avenue (photographs March/April)

1982 Council puts case for second itinerant site
Gathering of the clan at wedding
500 Guests at Coalisland Triple Wedding

1981 police hunt for children snatched from a home

1983 Amazing Thinking

1983 Gentle Sir Will You ...?

1983 carpet Capers -A Topic of Conversation

1983 Mini-Invasion by Travelling people ..
The Carpet Baggers
Itinerants hang on as road men move on to site

1980 Warning over gypsy camp

1981 Lisburn council in gipsy row

1980 Council thinks again on itinerant camp ...and
decides not to build it

1980 Newry Council 'Treated Itinerants Dishonourably'

1980 Executive tows away caravan community

1981 Coalisland incident .: five in court

1982 Man faces stab attack charge

1982 The York Street Site (photographs by A. L'Amie)

1982 Search for missing girls

1982 Concern grows for missing girls .

1982 DoE acts over gypsy traders

1982 'Nazi' charge as itinerants are attacked

1982 Itinerants ordered to move out

1982 Travelling people set up camp in carpark

1982 Caravans keep out 3B47
"Itinerants are blown from beds by bombs 3B48

1982 Itinerants ordered out of carpark 3B49

1982 We have nowhere to go -car park itinerants 3B49

1982 Campaign to move itinerant families 3BSO

Ireland's king of the roads dies 3B51

1946 - 1984
Gravestone Inscriptions 3B52
Church, graveyard and headstones 3B55
State of camp for itinerant families attacked 3B58
Illness fear over itinerant camp 3B59
Border dual role fiddle is probed 3B59
Travellers at centre of legal battle over caravans 3B60
Customs post a health hazard -council 3B61
Gipsy site slammed as 'public scandal' 3B61
Itinerant fight: 6 are charged 3B62
2 get life for Eire slash-hook murder 3B62
Action pledge on 'eyesore' itinerant camp 3B63
New move to shift itinerants' 3B63
Itinerants must leave Markets -says judge 3B64
The other side of the benefits counter 3B65
Youths in vicious attack on Belfast itinerants 3B66
Fleeing boy's body is found 3B66
Row over New itinerants 3B66
Derry ... 3B66
Executive bid to evict itinerants 3B67
Derry Council's bid to evict itinerants fails 3B67
Cash blow for itinerant site plans 3B68
New laws to be proposed on itinerant sites 3B69

1984 New plan to give ulster itinerants a better life 3B69

1984 Itinerant housing a sensitive issue

1984 Bishop appoints curate for city itinerants

1984 Site on offer for itinerants

1984 Gipsy caravan

1969 Northern Ireland ..

1984 Council votes against camp for itinerants

1984 Itinerants liaison officer urged

1984 Board in favour of site for travellers

1976 Cheadle doesn't want gypsy site

1984 Plea to end delay in providing site for itinerants

1984 Council gets green light for new £640,000 itinerant site

1984 Missing baby alert was bogus

1984 More sites needed for itinerants -Alliance

1984Shelter welcomes site for itinerants

1984 DoE vetoes plans for itinerant site

1984 Itinerant site plan runs into trouble

1984 Permanent site for itinerants a step closer

1985 Blaze tragedy sparks furore over camps for itinerants

1985 Time for action

1985 Shelter attacks Fatten over site for travellers

1985 £200 fine for reckless driving

1985 Itinerant father 'went beserk' after death fire

1984 Gypsies in body snatch siege

1959 Begging most contemptible of all crimes

1985 Itinerant site delay is rapped

1985 Workers watch the birdie -one for the scrapbook

1985 Blaze error killed a little girl

1985 Itinerant boy drowned in police chase, says coroner

1985 Another move to shift itinerants 38105

1985 Where will they go next? 3BlO6

Disgraceful 3BlO8

Foyle Road Car Park and Foyle Street Site, Londonderry
(photographs by A. L'Amie) 3BlO9

Adams hits out at itinerants 3B111

Makine sense of the Travellers issue 3Bl12

More families on site than intended 3Bl13

Site left in "unholy state" 3Bl13

State of river deplored 3Bl14

Residents in protest over itinerants 3Bl15

Itinerant families in silent protest 3Bl15

Travelling- to meet the Pope 38115

Gypsy Rose duped DHSS 3Bl16

Irishwoman's E43,OOO welfare fiddle 3Bl16

Gipsy Invasion

Blaze terror for itinerants in hate attack 3Bl19

1986 Court pledge on gipsies 3B12O

Caravan fires -police appeal 3B120

1986 Man quizzed over minibus death crash 38121

1986 Itinerants' move angers residents 3B122

1986 Itinerant sentenced for bogus DHSS claim 3B122

1986 The Wild Rovers 3B123

1986 Row flares over Unionist walk-out 3B124

1986 We're living in death trap, say itinerants

Travellers want permanent site

Eviction puts travellers on the warpath

Move out! Gypsy camp fury grows

Revealing Debate

Travellers Foil Another Eviction Attempt

1985 3B128
Dialogue Between Travellers and Poleglass Residents urged

1985 Clean-up time for Glen site 3B129

1986 Travellers' sites were sought in city 3B130

1986 Restaurant 'in ruin' fails in claim fight 38131

1986 Man quizzed on camp site killing 3B132

1986 Itinerant named 3B132

1986 Family feud murder charge 3B133

1986 Furyover 999 delay

1986 Better Facilities For Travellers 3B134

1986 Travellers' death charge levelled 3B135

1986 Travel plight takes to the street 3B136

1986 Helping the travellers 3B137

1986 3B138
Mrs. McCann to have private audience with the Pope

1986 Travellers' plea to the Pontiff 3B139

1986 Traveller Honour 3B139

1986 Belfast woman to tell Pope of travellers' plight 3B139

1986 SDLP come under fire over travellers 3B140

1986 Europeans Slam Anti-Trave1J.er Discriminateion

1986 Travellers picket Embassy 3B142

1986 Travellers demand recognition 3B143

1986 Itinerants' attackers condemned 38144

1986 Keep moving order 3B145

1986 Stolen car found 38145

1986 Needham to help Ulster's travelling folk
1986 Itinerants tried 'wife " trick on farmer 3B145

1986 Teenage cyclist dies in accident 3B146

1986 Gipsy site move 3B146

1986 Itinerants ordered to quit camp 3B146

1986 Counterpoint -UTV programme 38146

1986 Health 'time bomb at itinerant camp site 3B147

1986 Gipsy children in health scare probe

1986 Hunt for itinerant robbers on border

1986 New body to meet over travelling people 3B148

1987 Plea for Travellers

1987 Tenants object to site plan

1987 Ballyclare Horse fair

1987 Dromore Horse fair

1987 Mounthill Fair

1987 Parking Problems 3B150

1987 Sex .case juveniles remanded

1987 Victory for gipsy battle restaurant 3B151

1987 children on travelling site are under five 3B15130

1987 Caravan blaze on gipsy site 3B151

1987 Robinsons help travellers in slum house repair bid 3B152

1987 Big day for Ulster brides 3B153

1987 Wedding joy: four times over 3B153

1987 Itinerants the victims of racism: claim 3B154

1987 Number of arrests at itinerant camp

1987 Itinerant fined £60

1987 RM sets deadline for itinerants

1987 Decision sought on rape charge

1987 Court told of patient's rape

1987 Suspended jail terms

1916 Wagon at Islandmagee, county Antrim (photograph) 3B157

1985 Wagon at Tresaigh, Cardiganshire (photograph) 3B158

1960's Travellers at the Spanish Arch, Galway (view card)

1980's Travellers on the road (view card)

1987 Travelling People Insist On Right Tb Be Consulted 38160

1987 NICTP Conference in Belfast, March 1987 38162

1981 Itinerant stole whiskey

1979 Lisburn hit by itinerant plague

1982 Missing girls turn up in Eire

1982 Law needed to keep itinerants in check

1983 Traders hope to restore historic street

1986 Children Die As A Result of Neglect Cla.im 3B135

1987 3B165
What is the Northern Ireland Council for Travelling People?

1987 Travellers -Do You Care? 3B167

1987 N.I.C.T.P. 3B169

1985 Conditions Similar for Travellers in North 3B170

1986 Travelling People

1986 Travellers want safe site 3B172

1987 Ne~paper is fined for slur on travellers 3B173

1987 Paper fined for racism 3B173

1987 Latest 3B173
1986 All sides united against travellers 3B174


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