Volume 2 part B


Volume 2 part B


Volume 2 Republic of Ireland 1951-81 Part D

Editor's note

63 Purce1.1, Gwen (1968) 'Irish Compassion for Tinkers'

64 Puxon, Grattan (1980) "Rorna: Europe's Gypsies" (extract) 2D3

65 Report on the Proqrarnme for Settlement of the Travelling People (1975) .

66 Report on the Survey of Travellers (October 1976) 2D9

67 Report of Voluntary Committees Meeting (1969) 2D12

68 Settlement News No.1 May/June 1970

69 Sho1dice, Joyce (1973) "First Report on Work of National Coordinator for Itinerant SettleII ment

70 Sho1dice, Joyce (1973-74) "Of Itinerant Families in Ireland during the Last Five Years"

71 Sho1dice, Joyce (October 1977) "Galway City's Travelling People"

72 Sho1dice, Joyce (December 1977) "The Travelling People of Ireland"

73 Sho1dice, Joyce (1979) "Suggestions for the Development and Control of Halting Sites for Travellers" 2DIO3

74 "Sligo Programme for Travelling People" 2D1O6

75 Smith, David H (1978) Review of George Gmelch's "The Irish Tinkers" 2DIO8

76 Society of St Vincent de Paul (1980) "Work with Travelling people" 2DlO9

77 SWeeney, Mary (1974) "Thoughts of a Traveller" 2Dlll

78 "The Travelling People in Poetry" 2D114

79 Trench, Brian and Brennan Pat (1980) "Travellers" 2Dl19

80 Wren, Mae\1'-Ann (198) : "The Travelling People -Racialism in Ireland" 2D120

81 Irish Bishops Pastoral (1977) "The Work of Justice" (extract) 2D125

82 The &t Helena Site, Dundalk 2D126

83 Newspaper reports:

a) The Irish Times

13 April 1955 'Move To Deal With Tinkers' Camp Sites" 2D127

22 July 1977 "Court Orders halt to picket at house given to itinerant 2D128

25 July 1977 "Galway itinerant in new High Court move " 2D128

26 July 1977 "High Court grants Galway itinerant further injunction" 2D128

b) The Connacht Sentinel

26 August 1969 "Rahoon Attack on Itinerant Camp" 2D129

c) Meath Chronicle

5 December 1970 "Tinkers' Clothing on 'No Dumping Siqn"' 2D131

d) Sunday World

19 January 1975 "I'm Not Ashamed Of What I Am" (a Mary Gaffney interview) 2D132

e) Southside Express

17 September 1980'The residents of Rathmines and the travellers' children' 2D133

29 October 1980 'Mother of four jailed for buying stolen watch' 2D134


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