Volume 2 Part A


Volume 2 Part A


Republic of Ireland 1951 - 1981


Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2A1

2. Editor's note 2A4

3. Acton, Thomas ( 1974)
"Gypsy Politics and Social Change" (extract) 2A5

4. Anonymous (1969)
"Poverty in Ireland - Itinerants" 2A9

5. Barnes, Bettina (1975)
"Irish Trave1linq People"

6. Birch, Most Rev Dr Peter (1970)
"Itinerants Have Much to Offer"

7. Brennan, Pat (1980)
see Trench, Brian 2D119

8. Byrne, Donal (1981)
"Census of Travelling People - October 1980, Dublin City
and County" 2A29

9. Corvin, Donal
"Live and let live', says Annie who beat boycott" 2A33

10. Corvin, Donal (1977)
"Nine children sleep on a mud floor" 2A34

11. Corvin, Donal (1977)
"24-hour picket to stop itinerants" 2A35

12. Coghlan, Denis
"Travelling People Moved On" 2A36

13. Cork Combat Poverty Resource Project 1979
"Travellers, the Nomadic people of Ireland" 2A37

14. County Sligo Committee for Travelling People
"Social Contract" 2A56

15. Crawford, M H & Gmelch, George 1977
"Human Biology of the Irish Tinkers: Demoqraphy, Ethnohistory
and Genetics" 2A66

16. de Burca, Martin 1980
"Hate Campaign Grows Against Itinerants" 2A77

17. Dempsey, M & Geary, RC 1979
"The Irish Itinerants: Some Demographic, Economic and
Educational Aspects" (extract) 2A78

18. Department of the Environment (1979)
"Statistics on Travellers 1973 - 79"

19. Department of the Environment (1979)
Department of the environmet report 1979 (extract)

20. Department of the Environment (19BO)
"Rehabilitation of Itinerant families" 2A84

21. Department of Local Government (1971)
"Count of Itinerants, 13 January 1971" 2A86

22. de Wytt, Kathleen (1970)
"Navan Collection for Itinerants"

23. Dobbin, Ben ( 1980)
"Give the Travelling people back their dignity" 2A88

24. Dublin Corporation (1980-81)
"Survey carried out among young Travellers in the
greater Dublin area"

25. Fennel, Connor and Jones, Noel
"New move to end all this"

26. Flynn, Michael P ( 1975)
"Settlement of the Travelling people" 2A100

27. Flynn, Michael P (1981)
"Settlement of Travelling People in County Westmeath
with particular reference to experiences in Mullingar town" 2A116


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