Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews


Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews


“Nomads No More” (S. B. Gmelch and G. Gmelch) Article in Natural History Sept. 2014, pp.16-20, 39.

“Nomads in the City: Fieldwork among Irish Travellers” (S. B. Gmelch, Book chapter, revised for the 6th edition of Urban Life: Readings in the Anthropology of the City, eds. George Gmelch and Petra Kuppinger, Long Grove, Ill.: Waveland Press, 2018.

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“Commercial Nomadism: Occupation and Mobility Among Travellers in England and Wales” (S.B. Gmelch with G. Gmelch) Book chapter in The Other Nomads: Peripatetic Minorities in Cross Cultural Perspective, ed. Aparna Rao, pp. 133-58, Cologne: Bahlou Verlag, 1987.

“Groups That Don’t Want In: Gypsies and Other Artisan, Trader and Entertainer Minorities” (S.B. Gmelch) Article in Annual Review of Anthropology 15:307-30, 1986. jstor link

“The Cross-Channel Migration of Irish Travelers” (S.B. Gmelch with G. Gmelch) Article in The Economic and Social Review 16 (4): 187-96, 1985.

“Gypsies in British Cities: Problems and Government Response” (S.B. Gmelch) Article in Urban Anthropology 11 (3-4): 347-76, 1985.

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“The Emergence of an Ethnic Group: The Irish Travellers” (S.B. Gmelch with G. Gmelch) Article in Anthropological Quarterly 49: 225-38, 1974.

“The Itinerant Settlement Movement: Its Policies and Effects on Irish Travellers” (S.B. Gmelch with G. Gmelch) Article in Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review 63:1-16, 1974.


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