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Two Traveller families outside their caravan and outside their camp June 1963

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Wagons parked on the Long Mile Road 1957
2 photographic negative : glass; 10 x 12cm

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A gipsy camp in the Wicklow mountains 1930 – 1950
1 copy photographic negative film 10 x 12.5 cm

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Outer relief road for Bandon constructed 1991, land on both sides intended for small industrial units. Since construction the road has been used by itinerants with up to 60 caravans parked at one time. The road also serves the Presentation Secondary…

from the Elinor Wiltshire Collection in the National Library of Ireland. These photographs are unusual for Elinor Wiltshire in that the subjects ae largely posing for her camera. Ordinarily Elinor’s subjects were unaware they were being photographed.…
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