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  • Collection: Na Píobairí Uilleann (NPU)

    The Uilleann Pipers, 15 Henrietta St.,
    Dublin 1, Ireland

Two items within Na Piobairi Uillean collection, a brass chanter and a stock made by Johnny Doran. The stock has his name inscribed in it.

1 Air: Mary of Murroe / Reel: The Green Gates
2 Air: The Dear Irish Boy / Reel: The Primrose Lass
3 Reel: Rakish Paddy
4 Air: Rolandstown Churchyard
5 Reel: The Ash Plant
6 Jig: The Lark in the Morning
7 The Fox Hunt
8 Reels: George White’s…

The Doran Tionól Committee are confident that this celebration of the legacy of the travelling pipers Johnny and Felix Doran will contribute to the promotion of Irish traditional music, particularly the music of the Uilleann Pipes. We hope that this…

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Johnny Doran has long been acknowledged as one of the greatest uilleann pipers known to traditional music. The influence exerted by his music on other players is incalculable, and remarkable especially for a musician who never issued a commercial…

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With the assistance of family members whom they visited for the book, musician and promoter Oliver O’Connell and piper and academic Tommy Fegan have published an extensive collection of material that details the relationship between traveller culture…

the melodic tradition of ireland.jpg
This is a major work, at once synthetic and analytical. The author has drawn on previous studies of Irish music and general melodic theory to describe the inner workings of a rich melodic tradition. Irish folk music, resting upon monophonic…

The wheels of the world.jpg
One chanter, three drones, three regulators, thirteen keys, too many near-extinctions to mention and 300 years of heroes: that, with a frisson of fairies on moonlit knolls, is the Irish uilleann ('ill-in') pipes. The Wheels Of The World presents an…

The postcolonial experience, as explored by the authors of this volume, focuses on the complex set of cultural and ethnographic processes and strategies of resistance that are the diasporic or migrant Irish experience. As a minority inhabiting the…
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