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1 Introduction

2 Editor's Note

3 Acton, Thomas and Davies, Gerwyn (1979)
"Educational Policy and Language Use Among English Romanies and Irish Travellers (Tinkers) in England and Wales"

4 Acton, Thomas A (1984)"Gypsies…

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Selection of imagesTinker’s / traveller’s tent.hereTinkers, Páirc Gharbh, Co. Tinkers, Páirc Gharbh, Co. Giulio Petroni and Leo Corduff filming tinkers in Co. Galway. here Travelling people, Glenhull, Co.…

The collection and transcription of this material was carried out nationwide, by the sixth class students of 1937, who, on exploring a given topic set out by the commission and distributed to their school via a small handbook titled Irish Folklore…

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Scope and…

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'I took down this story from an old ‘woman of the roads ’Nora (Oney) Power (70) September 1930. She was camped on the roadside near the village of Rathmore Co. Longford when I met her. She is a very intelligent old woman an a very fine story teller,…

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One day as I rambled through Glasgow, sung by Mrs. McDonagh, a traveller, camped at Cootehall, County Roscommon. 1971-09-15click here to listenFalse Lankum, sung by John Reilly, a Traveller, who was camped at Cloongrehan, Cootehall, County…
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