Micheal. OhAodha


Micheal. OhAodha


Publications written in collaboration with Travellers, Roma, Fairground/Circus people and others


Poet and academic who has written a number of books with and about the experiences of Irish Travellers


Micheal. OhAodha


2007 - current


all rights the author

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`Insubordinate Irish`: Travellers in the Text
This book traces a number of common themes relating to the representation of Irish Travellers in Irish popular tradition and how these themes have impacted on Ireland's collective imagination. A particular focus of the book is on the exploration of…

Irish Travellers: Representations and Realities
The Traveller "question" has been a major source of debate in Ireland for many decades and Irish society appears as divided on the issue today as it has been at any time in the past few centuries. For as long as Travellers have migrated along…

Travellers and the Settled Community, A Shared Future
A unique collection of essays focusing of the Traveller voice, the Traveller perspective and the important light this sheds on Irish society.

The Turn of the Hand: A Memoir from the Irish Margins by Mary Warde, transcribed and edited by Micheal OhAodha
Recent decades have seen an enormous resurgence in the arts of memoir and life writing. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of Ireland and other postcolonial countries, where memoir has functioned to regenerate and re-present meaningful…

Postcolonial Artist: Johnny Doran and Irish Traveller Tradition
The postcolonial experience, as explored by the authors of this volume, focuses on the complex set of cultural and ethnographic processes and strategies of resistance that are the diasporic or migrant Irish experience. As a minority inhabiting the…

This volume explores the discourses and representations that have circumvented the image that is the Traveller, the Roma (Gypsy) and migrant Other . It is generally acknowledged that the globalisation and mass-media dissemination which characterise…

This volume is an exploration of the image of the nomad, migrant and the outsider/“Other” Traveller/Gypsy, within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and visual culture. Its authors explore ‘European cinema’ as a category within the…

Migrant and Nomad<br /><br />
European Visual Culture and<br /><br />
the Representation of “Otherness”
This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the nomad, the migrant and the outsider/"Other" within the frame of articulation that is European cinematic and representational culture. Ongoing developments in visual culture,…

American Outsider: Stories from the Irish Traveller Diaspora
Of all of the world's countries, America is the one that we all think we know. World globalization and the dominance of English language and American idiom makes us secure in our knowledge of what the United States is and who her people are. This…

Counter-Hegemony and the Irish &quot;Other&quot;
This volume hopes to act as a catalyst for some new and exciting areas of enquiry in the more "liminal" interstices of Irish Studies. Traveller Studies, Romani Studies and Diaspora and Migration Studies. These disciplines are all relatively new areas…

The Candlelight Painter
Describes the life of an Irish Traveller who has become a well-known painter in Limerick.

Parley-Poet and Chanter, by Pecker Dunne
Pecker Dunne is one of Ireland's best-known traditional musicians and balladeers, and one of the last of the Traveller musicians.

Canting with Cauley
A dictionary of Irish Travellers' hidden language.

Fairground Travellers, known also as Showpeople or Carnival people, are part of the larger Irish Traveller community. They are the entertainers in fairgrounds and carnivals, the people who work the booths and the rides. In the medieval era and for…

This volume is an attempt to give a voice to the voiceless, the hidden Irish, the migrant, the nomad, the 'new' Irish and the immigrant - those communities whose languages and cultures run - unnoticed sometimes - like the underground stream that…

Postcolonial Borderlands: Orality and Irish Traveller Writing
A traditionally nomadic people, the Irish Travellers have experienced a long history of marginalization and discrimination in modern Ireland. This volume explores colonisation as an unresolved trauma which has contributed to this marginalisation of…

The Nomadic Subject: Postcolonial Identities on the Margins
This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the nomad, the migrant and the outsider/"Other" within the frames of articulation that are the present-day flows of cultural diaspora and mass globalisation. Mass-media…

Narratives of the Occluded Irish Diaspora: Subversive Voices - Reimagining Ireland 37
The recent past has witnessed the development of new and diverse notions of Irish identity, alongside changes in the way we articulate the long-established links between Ireland and the Irish, both at home and abroad. This volume focuses on the…

Migrancy, Memory and Repossession: Women on the Historical Margins
The writing of women's history has witnessed a huge increase in recent decades. In the past, the focus of some of this work was the representation of the "heroine" or the "grand dame". Recent theoretical writing, particularly as relating to…

Road Memories: Aspects of Migrant History
This volume is an exploration of the image that is the Traveller/Gypsy, the migrant and the "Other". Rapid developments as relating to the global flows of cultural diaspora have both overcome spatial/temporal distance and separation and have created…
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