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The Freestone man, (The Tinker of Glencree) 1918<br /><br />
Philip Naviasky
Oil on board
36 x 28 cm
Presented by Joseph Holloway, 1943.
Reg. 918

The painter Philip Naviasky whose works are also in this Gallery's collection also worked under the name of Sidney Davies. (JO'D)

The Demi Gods
This watercolour is preparatory work for Clarke's stained glass masterpiece The Geneva Window, 1929, originally commissioned by the Irish Government to represent Ireland at the International Labour organisation in Geneva. The window unfortunately was…

The Street Singer, Jerome Connor

16.8 x 9.2 x 8.7 cm

Presented by Mr and Mrs John Hunt, 1961.

Reg. 1113

Ink on paper

16.7 x 12.9 cm

Portrait of a Lady
Oil on canvas

65.4 x 52.1 cm

Tinkers Among Ruins
Oil on board

60 x 90 cm

Crossing the Bog
Watercolour on paper

22.8 x 35.5 cm

The Travelling Circus
Watercolour on paper

27 x 36 cm

An Old Slave
Pen, ink and watercolour on paper

25.8 x 19 cm

Six Watercolour Sketches
watercolour on paper
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